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#87 - The Red Pill (Consensus Illusion and World Domination) #510 - The Race Towards Global Consciousness (Hitting Rock Bottom & Realizing The Reunion) #543 - The Corruption of Money (The Perverse Power of The Price Tag) #599 - What Economics Can't Tell You About Money (Alienation, The Black Magic of Money) #649 - Why Money Will End (And How To Prepare) #681 - Leviathan Remixed (Resistance Audiocollage) #685 - The US Deep State, 1963-1981 (The Coup of '63, The Cabal, Watergate, Ford, Carter) #686 - The US Deep State, 1981-2001 (The Enterprise, Alec Station, The 9/11 Set-up) #692 - The European Deep State Post WW2 (NATO's Secret Armies from Spain to Turkey and Beyond) #700 - Is There No Other Way the World May Live... (Audiocollage of Dissidents from Dwight Eisenhower To Derrick Jensen) #713 - The Deep State in Western Europe, 1972-1986 (The Vicious Cercle Of Anti-Communist Terrorism) #718 - The Increasing Shallowness of The Deep State (From Libya to Oklahoma, Bombs and more Bombs)