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#592#593#594#595 Episode #596 - Lifting The Lid on The NSA
(Secret Rooms, Infiltration, RAF Menwith Hill)



Sat 24 March 2012  Mark Klein, Kevin Zeese, Steve Schofield
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we learn more about NSA, which no longer limits its activities to mere intelligence gathering. Whistle-blower Mark Klein tells how he broke the NSA's unwarranted wiretapping scandal, Kevin Zeese speaks on a century of political infiltration of US political movements, and infiltration of Occupy movements and we conclude with researcher Steve Schofield on the NSA's largest base in Europe.
In our first hour this week, we hear an interview of whistle-blower, Mark Klein. Klein, an AT&T telecoms engineer, decided after his retirement to disclose information he randomly came across about the NSA's construction of a secret room which he discovered was intercepting all Internet traffic. He tells about his experiences trying to bring this to the attention of the national media, and of the book he subsequently wrote and self-published, Wiring Up The Big Brother Machine and Fighting It.

Next we hear Cheryl from 9-11 Wake-Up Call interviewing Kevin Zeese on how the US government's long history of infiltrating political movements of all stripes. Over the last century, he reports, infiltration has been the norm, not the exception. He has recently co-authored an article entitled Occupy, Infiltration of Political Movements is the Norm, Not The Exception in The United States. One of the organizers of Occupy Wall St., he focuses particularly on the governments use fo infiltration to try to undermine, divide and misdirect the Occupy Movement.

We conclude the show with researcher and UK CND activist, Steve Schofield on a report he published into RAF Menwith Hill, formerly under the control of the UK's Royal Air Force, now the NSA's largest base in Europe, employing over 2000 people. He reports on the difficulty of establishing what is going on there, given that in spite of whistle-blowers having given evidence of illegal commercial spying being carried out to advantage US companies, the UK government has effectively no oversight. His research indicates that such bases are no mere centers of intelligence gathering but are increasingly working as operational centers for high technology warfare using unaccountable US special forces and predatory drones and as centers of commercial espionage. Should UK taxpayers be subsidizing this?
Thanks to Boiling Frogs for the Mark Klein interview, to Cheryl for the Kevin Zeese interview and Chris for the Steve Schofield speech
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