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#306#307#308#309 Episode #310 - Turning History Inside Out to Put the Future Right Side Up
(Native Values versus The Promised Land)



Sun 11 June 2006  John Mohawk, David Noble (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week turn US history inside out, hearing Professor John Mohawk speaking about the traditional culture of the Haudenosaunee. Could this offer a model for a more equitable way for humans to live on the land?
Our main speaker this week, John Mohawk, gives an unusual perspective on the history of colonisation. The contact with native peoples confronted the European invaders with a contradiction. How could a complex society exist without a hierarchy and a powerful government? Questioning the necessity of coercion in Europe was an unwelcome thought. Some Europeans, he recounts, were attracted to the native Indians and sought to understand their ideas. Others decided to use violence to destroy the counter-example of a non-hierarchical social system. For the last 20 minutes of our show this week, we start a read of David Noble's Beyond The Promised Land - The Movement and The Myth. The prologue tells the epic of Gilgamesh as an introduction to its deconstruction of Western ideas of progress.
Music: Jim Page
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