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#452#453#454#455 Episode #456 - The Market Is Naked (2)
(A Radical Blackfoot on the Market Religion)



Sun 29 March 2009  James Craven & a letter from Charlie
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week on the program we continue the market is naked series with a look at the discipline of economics itself. Is it a science, as economists claim or is it a religion based on faith in an intangible entity - the market - with the power to transform the actions of innately greedy human beings into a socially beneficial activity?
Our speaker this week is a professor of economics, though an unusual one. He does not assert economics is a religion - that's my encapsulation of his presentation. By a religion I mean a belief system used to explain the world ,that is based on premises that must be taken on faith, rather than evidence. The premise in question is the nature of human nature - and whether we have an economic system that responds a reality we can't change, or whether it in fact creates a reality of greed and predation, by inculcating and rewarding it every step of the way. This is a central question whose answer determines whether we take the attitude of Charlie's co-workers, that this is just the way things are and get a prescription for Prozac, or we have the courage to grab hold of the fabric of the matrix and tear it to see what is on the other side.
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