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#593#594#595#596 Episode #597 - The Psychology of Transition
(Undoing Millennia of Social Control)



Sat 31 March 2012  Bruce Schneier, Rob Hopkins, Robert Jensen, David Graeber (Reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week three speakers on the ongoing transition. Bruce Schneier begins by speaking about threats to the internet and social change, Robert Jensen speaks on the naturalization of violence against women, Rob Hopkins speaks on transition culture. We conclude by returning to Debt, The First 5000 Years.
We start the show this week with a short interview of Bruce Schneier on Social Change and Defectors. He assesses the imminent threats to the internet as being layers 8 & 9 - i.e. overregulation and control by corporations and governments keen to prevent innovative use of information technology.

Next we hear Robert Jensen who starts by speaks on the entrenched mindset of hierarchy - focusing particularly on the naturalized violence against women by men, but looking at others such as racism.

Next we hear a 2009 interview by Frank of the Agroinnovations Podcast. Rob Hopkins speaks on the origins of the transition movement and shares some potential pitfalls, and his thoughts on a quote from Charles Eisenstein's 'Ascent of Humanity'. As well as discussing suburban permaculture, he discusses the practical application of the transition model as a grassroots community organizing strategy and its potential for construction of parallel systems to take over from the existing centralized power structures.

We conclude by finishing chapter 7 and starting on chapter 8 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.
Thanks to Frank of the Agroinnovations Podcast for the Rob Hopkins interview
The ideas developed in this episode are developed further in episode 633.
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