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#569#570#571#572 Episode #573 - I Spit in The Face Of The Money God
(Mike Ruppert on The Collapse of The Infinite Growth Paradigm)



Sat 15 October 2011  Michael Ruppert
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2We devote the whole show this week to a remarkable talk from 2011-09-11 by Michael Ruppert, who back in episode 95 became the first speaker on this show to question the events of Sep 11th. However, in this talk he says that 9/11 belongs to a 'bygone era' and he focuses instead on the urgent need to transition away from a paradigm of infinite growth and fiat currency.
This week an emotional (and mildly expurgated) talk by Michael Ruppert which, if not from such a distinguished contributor to the show, I might have discounted as alarmist. Focusing mainly on US, he addresses topics ranging from the ongoing ecocide to threats of WW3, the growing civil unrest worldwide and the ever increasing censorship of commercially controlled media. His central theme is the inevitability of the collapse of money and although he mentions a love revolution and reads from Charles Eisenstein's "Sacred Economics", he speaks as a collapsenik.

He starts by accusing the Japanese government of burning caesium waste from Fukushima, sending radiation into the atmosphere, causing the highest ever level of radioctivity in the rain which fell recently on Toronto, noting that this has been the subject of a media blackout.

Whilst it contains important information, his talk -- at times emotional -- works also on a spiritual level. Reading from Charles Eisenstein's Sacred Economics Mike Ruppert highlights the fundamental flaw of the money system as a disconnetion from the fundamental laws of nature, a separation inherent in its unlimited growth and the inherent domination of the earth. Until we change the way money works, he repeatedly states, we change nothing. He predicts that unless Ron Paul emerges victorious from a 2012 election - there will be a revolution in USA and the Winter of 2012 may be make or break for humanity.

He recommends divesting yourself of any and all paper investments. He stops short of recommending withdrawl of all money from bank accounts and an all out refusal to deal with money, but this is the direction of his thinking. He addresses the difficulty of admitting to ourselves that we made a mistake with the idea we could dominate nature, and urges us to make peace with Nature, who he says has no desire to punish us, but on the contrary is rooting for humanity to wake up and stop the ecoide.

Perhaps humanity's most urgent task, says Ruppert, is to come together and shut down all the world's nuclear plants, to prevent more Fukushima type incidents as collapse progresses in chaotic fashion. Our most urgent task as individuals, he says, is relocalize food production. If you're not already growing food, NOW is the time to start! The best time to plant a fruit tree is 10 years ago, the second best time is now.

We lighten the tone of a rather intense show this week with a music break at the top of the second hour, followed by the conclusion of Ruppert's talk. Then we hear the ensuing Q & A session on topics such as as when to stop paying taxes, the prospects for FEMA concentration camps, internet censorship, trustworthiness or otherwise of Alex Jones and the relative importance of financial markets as against growing your own food and getting to know the neighbours.
Music: Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton
Thanks to Susan Upton for the Michael Ruppert talk, via
Some of this episode's content is repeated in episode 634.
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