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#62#63#64#65 Episode #66 - A Question of Values
(Saving the Fingerlakes and Wizards Of Money#1)


This week, Smithy bring us a new series, Wizards of Money.

Sat 9 June 2001  Baren Archensinger, Kathy Ingel, Larry Reverby, Jessie Strock, Smithy
Listen to hour#1 in New Tab (Right Click + Save As... to download)Listen to hour#2 in New Tab (Right Click + Save As... to download)
Download Hour1 Download Hour2In the first hour, saving the Fingerlakes, in the second, the start of Wizards of Money, on how money is created.
The battle to save the Fingerlakes National Forest is not only about preserving the beauty of its 16,000 acres. It is, on another level a battle about local control versus Federal policies, an affirmation of rural life over industrialization, a definition of democracy that includes a communities right to self-determination and a recognition of a shared system of values, that places quality of life and environment above profits and markets - an understanding that there are some riches that money can't buy, but that the quest for money can destroy.

In the first hour of the program, we're going air an extended discussion we had with four local people who are working to stop a plan to drill for oil and gas in the Fingerlakes National Forest. We'll hear their campaign is faring, how they have mobilized to use the democratic process and the conflicting values that the struggle has brought into focus.

In the second hour we'll bring you the first instalment of our new series, the Wizards of Money - an explanation of the workings of the monetary system that underlies global capitalism and has given rise to entities such as the IMF, the World bank, the WTO whose actions have resulted in a worldwide resistance movement which raises many of the same issues that have come up in our community in the course of the battle to save the Fingerlakes National Forest.
Thanks to Wizards of Money
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