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#366#367#368#369 Episode #370 - Breaking Out of the Mudsill Trap
(Beyond the Corporate Order to Society Without the State)



Sun 5 August 2007  Adam Curtis, John Nash, Friedrich von Hayek, Thomas Schelling, James Buchanan, Robert Kavesh, Philip Mirowski, Alain Enthoven, R.D. Laing, Morton Schatzman, Clancy Sigal, Madsen Pirie, Antony Jay, David Rosenhan, Paul McHugh, Robert Spitzer, Jerome Wakefield, John Taylor Gatto (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week, we begin the final chapter of John Taylor Gatto's The Underground History of American Education, as Gatto drives home the point of the argument he's been making throughout the book, that the system of compulsory schooling has not been put in place to sharpen the intellectual skills of children to be equal to the responsibilities of free citizens, but just the opposite, to dumb them down, to be the malleable subjects of a plutocracy. But first, we hear a radio adaptation of Adam Curtis' The Trap.
Gatto has showed how this program developed out of union of the racial supremacist ideologies prevalent among 19th century intellectuals and the needs of industrial capitalists for a controllable and profitable workers and consumers. Though the rhetoric of freedom has dominated the the founding and development of the united states, the reality has been an orgy of violence. racism and related ideologies of inferiority and superiority have provided the justification for this oppression of others to people who wished to see themselves as paragons of morality and reason. Gatto has shown that it was the leaders in science and academia that were the purveyors of this bleak vision, a theme that will be echoed in a new three part series to begin this week by Adam Curtis. Long time listeners may remember two of his previous series, The Power of Nightmares and The Century of Self. His new series is called The Trap; What Happened to our Dreams of Freedom?
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