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#321#322#323#324 Episode #325 - Deadly Profits, Toxic Thinking
(War, the Media, and the Schools)



Mon 25 September 2006  David Korten, Antonia Juhasz, John Taylor Gatto (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2We look at alliance of forces that together seek to normalize and justify the status quo, in an effort to maintain it.
There is very little about our society which is natural, and by that I mean based on some universal and unchangeable principle, as for example, gravity or the length of days relative to latitude and season. Human society is built on ideas at the most basic level - ideas about human nature and intelligence, the natural world and our place in it, what is valuable. what is right and who is qualified to decide, . When these fundamental assumptions are widely accepted as true, they appear natural, normal, inevitable, not as the arbitrary customs they in fact are. Our social institutions reflect and perpetuate this consensus reality, in large and small ways, and changing our ideas leads to changes in our institutions. That is why people who are determined to maintain a status quo, battle to control the institutional vectors of reality creation: schools, the media and even religion.

A prime example of this is the question of the corporation. A corporation is a legal construct that has been attributed personhood under law, and now enjoys more freedom and power than actual persons. The same society that created corporations is now ruled by them.

We begin this show with David Korten speaking on the great turning to Earth Community. He gives perspective to the current problems, looking at 5000 years of the ascent of hierarchy and empire.
Many thanks to Mike McCormick
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