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#424#425#426#427 Episode #428 - Rebel and Live!
(Power and Powerlessness #5)



Sun 14 September 2008  Howard Zinn (Reading), Robert Jensen, Susan Rosenthal (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we hear an interview with Howard Zinn in which he concludes that nothing short of a rebellion will suffice, a discussion with Robert Jensen, and another reading from Power and Powerlessness.
This week on the program we hear the final chapter in part two of Power and Powerlessness. This part of the book has examined how a society based on inequality has been created through abandoning the ancient human values of reciprocity and cooperation. This week's chapter examines how the stress produced through capitalist competition and dispossession is literally the single largest cause of ill health. Susan Rosenthal, a physician and psychotherapist, then explains how the ill health created by social inequality is capitalized upon as a profit opportunity. This will set us up for the next part of the book in which she asks why we continue to put up with a societal arrangement so disadvantageous to most. She's not the only one examining these questions. In a September 11th interview on the English language version of Al Jazeera, Howard Zinn concluded that nothing short of rebellion in America is necessary to change course. I was unable to find a clip of the original video, but the transcript of the brief interview is circulating on the internet, and I'll begin the show by reading that to you. We're also going to hear the first part of a talk and discussion in a similar vein with Professor Robert Jensen and a group of activists in Vancouver, that comes to us thanks to Alex Smith.
Thanks to Alex Smith of the wonderful Radio Ecoshock!
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