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#70#71#72#73 Episode #74 - Class War: America's Old War
(Fighting for a Living Wage, against Gentrification and Eviction)



Sun 7 October 2001  Bruce Rayner, Pete Myers, Unca Wessels (?)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we look at the fight of millions of working people to merely meet their basic economic needs, as the government, in partnership with corporate America uses its might, and our resources to transfer greater quantities of the national wealth into fewer hands. In the first hour, a union leader will speak about the role of the trade union movement in the fight for a living wage. In the second hour, faith based groups in our community join the fight for economic justice, public housing residents fight the federal government, and a Canadian activist looks the anti-globalization movement in the wake of the September 11th attacks.
'God Bless America' billboards are sprouting across the landscape, and corporate chain store marquees advertise their pride in being American. Yet those very chain stores pay their employees so badly that many must work two full time jobs in order to just make ends meet, while they reap enormous profits selling goods made abroad under slave labor conditions. Opinion makers are consciously trying to create an American unity that does not exist, the plethora of united we stand banners notwithstanding. Ours is a society in which an unacknowledged war is already raging - it is the war against the poor by the rich. In our first hour, Bruce Rayner speaks on 2001-08-30 to students and faculty of Cornell.
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