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#494#495#496#497 Episode #498 - Strategies of Control
(Surveillance and Ideology in the Corporate State)



Mon 11 January 2010  Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Mahdi Bray, Eileen Clancy, Carl Messineo, Robert Jensen, Richard Grossman (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week continues on the topic of understanding corporate rule for the purpose of discovering the foundation of its power and undermining it, using the book Defying corporations, Defining democracy as our reference point.
In addition to another reading from Defying Corporations, Defining Democracy, I’m going to play you some other material that illuminates the issue in various ways. We’ll begin with a panel discussion state surveillance that was held at the Oct 2009 convention of the national lawyers guild in Seattle. The discussion did not mention corporations as such, yet the framework of corporate rule underlies the surveillance of citizens by the state. In advance of every significant official gathering of the powerful whether political conventions, economic summits or trade negotiations an increasing amount of law enforcement personnel and material are directed toward thwarting protest and other oppositional activity. This is justified under the rubric of public safety. When did you ever see such law enforcement power brought to bear against the violence, and harm perpetrated by the corporate class every single day?
Thanks to Mike McCormick, Sylvia Richarson, Casey Neil and Smoky Dymny
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