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#717#718#719#720 Episode #721 - Analyzing The Mind-numbing Orwellian Contradictions
(Israel, "Anti-semitism", Free Speech and False Flag Terror)



Sat 5 September 2015  Kevin Barrett, Donald Kagan, Fred Kagan, Nicole Colson
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Why was the "Je suis Charlie" celebration of free speech event followed by the biggest crackdown on free speech in French history? Kevin Barrett describes it as a "mind-numbering Orwellian contradiction, a lot like what happened after 9-11 when we were told that 'The reason they attacked us was they hate our freedoms' so let's destroy freedoms, let's shred the bill or rights, pass the Patriot Act and lock down the country." We consider the Israeli angle of Islamophobia induced by the "Moslem terrorist" meme promoted by the commercially-controlled media.
We begin this episode with a short reading introducing the "Israeli Doctrine", before we hear an interview of father and son Donald and Fred Kagan, who (on 12th September 2001) recommended an immediate US invasion and occupation of Palestine. When asked "Are you suggesting that we've got to go to war?", Donald Kagan interrupted with the claim that "We are at war". Later statements are similarly bellicose, with his son warning that "so long as we go chasing around the actual perpetrators, our job is going to be next to impossible... but we hardly need any more evidence to know that it would be a very good idea to take Bin Laden out even if he had nothing to do with this." The interview concludes with the ominous suggestion of an anthrax attack, presaging the Amerithrax event we looked at in episode 561.

In our longest interview this week, a 2015 interview by Guns and Butter, Kevin Barrett picks up the Israel connection and suggests that the "Je suis Charlie" slogan was a "a way of forcing mass identification with the slain cartoonists and editors... a typical divide and conquer operation" to try to separate Muslims from non-Muslims. He points out a repeating pattern in False Flags - one of linking attacks on national symbols (in the French case, free speech) with attacks on Israel or Jews.

Our second long piece is by Nicole Colson. She is speaking speaking on The Rise of Islamophobia in Europe at Socialism 2015, on the 2nd of July. She begins with a review of the state of Islamophobia in Europe, commenting on the hypocrisy evident in how government are addressing - and even referring to it. Echoing Kevin Barrett's characterization of this as a divide and conquer tactic, she accords this state sponsored xenophobia a particular significance in light of the drive for austerity across all of Europe, and tackles the question of what a sensible response should be to the ongoing assaults on Arabs and Muslims? We conclude with a couple of apparent slips of the tongue that contradict official narratives about terrorism blamed on "islamic extremists". Proving nothing much in an of themselves, they are nevertheless worth factoring in to the preponderance of evidence.
Thanks to Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter for the interview of Kevin Barrett and to We Are Many for Nicole Colson's talk on Islamic Terrorism.
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