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#174#175#176#177 Episode #178 - Work and Ideology
(Professionals Liars in Iraq and US)



Sat 2 August 2003  David Bacon, Karen Kwiatkowski, Jeff Schmidt (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2In our first hour, we hear about working people in Iraq fighting to form unions in their allegedly liberated country, growing poverty in America, and from Karen Kwiatkowski, a former Pentagon insider who is exposing the administrations' lies about Iraq. In our second hour, we'll focus on the ideological discipline inherent in professional work and how that perpetuates the present system, as we conclude the second chapter of Jeff Schmidt's Disciplined Minds, entitled Ideological Discipline.
Paid work is the area where where most of us have our greatest impact on society, and where society has its greatest impact on us. Mostly, the world of paid work has been structured so that most of the people who do it have little to say about what gets done or why.

Yet, everything about work, the distribution of the wealth that the work generates, who has work and who doesn't, the whole framework of what is called "the economy" - all of this exists as a result of human decisions. The system of labor and management, production and consumption, money and investment and markets are a human creation and are enforced and perpetuated by people, whether willingly or at the direction of others.

The world of work we experience is a political creation and an ideology underlies, and is expressed through even in the most menial labor.
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