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#587#588#589#590 Episode #591 - Anima Mundi
(Deeper Aspects of The Ecological Crisis)



Sat 18 February 2012  John Seed, David Holmgren, Noam Chomsky, Michael Ruppert, Stephan Harding, Christine James, Adam Grubb, Mark O'Meadhra
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Is the world a dead machine, which human beings should exploit for their own purposes as they see fit? This week we hear Anima Mundi, a film which rejects modern scientism in favor of an approach more characteristic of traditional cultures. It encourages a 'soulful' approach to the world around us - living with sensitivity, as we would within a living being.
The show starts with a radio adaptation of Anima Mundi, a film which portrays the current ecological crises as natural consequences of the scientist worldview which treats the world as something to exploit and dominate. Instead, the film suggests, we should be humble in the face of Gaia, a super system in which all of human life is but one part. Permaculture and the need to live lightly on the earth are the common thread of a range of speakers. Next, we hear The Ecological Crisis as a Crisis of Agriculture, chapter 3 of The Unsettling of America in which Wendell Berry explores the wider aspects of the ecological crises. We conclude with another snippet of chapter 7 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years in which he looks at the effect on ancient Greek culture of the introduction of money.
Thanks to Peter Charles Downey for an inspiring film
The previous chapter of The Unsettling of America was read in episode 585, the next chapter in episode 646.
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