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#500#501#502#503 Episode #504 - Just Cause, Just Laws & Just Wars
(On The Desperate Edge of Now)


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Sat 19 June 2010  Adam Curtis, David Halpin, Chris Coverdale
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2A review of the consequences of justifying the unjustifiable, and the blatant criminality (never mind immorality) of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The first hour is a radio adaptation of 'On The Desperate Edge Of Now', the first part of Adam Curtis' series, The Living Dead. It explains how WW2 was recreated by the Nuremburg War Crimes trials as a just war, with clear heroes and villains. Interviews with veterans reveal the psychological cost of taking part in war, and the difficulty of coming to terms with it in a society which left unexamined the difficult questions of why and how the war was fought.

The second hour features two speeches from Firstly a speech given to the Make Wars History conference by retired surgeon turned peace activist, David Halpin, on the reality of war, in which he shares his experiences of Gaza and his exasperation at the stupefaction of most of the British public.

It concludes with a presentation by Chris Coverdale in the UK House of Commons to an All Party Parliamentary Group on Preventing War, reviewing the legal status of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan under existing anti-war laws.
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