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#421#422#423#424 Episode #425 - The Creation of Powerlessness
(Power and Powerlessness #2)



Sun 24 August 2008  Juliet Schor, Susan Rosenthal (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Last week we began a reading of a remarkable book, Power and Powerless by Susan Rosenthal. It is a book for people who are fundamentally revolted by this society, and who seek a much more fundamental change in our relationships to one another and the planet than is ever offered or possible within the electoral spectacle of our so called democracy. This is a radical book in that it gets to root questions, such as is our hierarchical repressive society reflective of human nature, why do people put up with the meaningless lives offered by capitalist workplaces and consumer society? The reading is in the second hour. During the course of the book reading that will take many weeks, I'm also playing other material that relates to the ideas in Power and Powerlessness. This week, we'll begin the show with a talk by Boston University sociologist and author Juliet Schor on her 2004 book Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture. This talk was given at a conference of educators in Vancouver BC in 2005 and sadly is still totally relevant 3 years later.

Thanks to Redeye and Vancouver Cooperative Radio
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