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#507#508#509#510 Episode #511 - The Deadly Game of Nation States
(The Honor Code of The Professional Killer)



Sat 7 August 2010  Nick Clegg, Gwynne Dyer
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Starting from the recent UK Deputy Prime Minister's statement that the Iraq War is illegal, this week's show looks at the business of war both for the state and its paid protagonists, adapting a pair of anti-war films by Gwynne Dyer.
Today's show starts with a recording of the recent UK Deputy Prime Minister's statement that the Iraq war is illegal, and reflects on its handling by the media. It continues with an adaptation for radio of Gwynne Dyer's 1983 Canadian mini-series, The Deadly Game of Nations, about why nation states feel the need to keep armies and fight wars. This includes recordings made in various countries, but concentrates on Israel as the clearest example to show the close connection between statehood and the waging of war. The second hour starts with some light relief - Flanders and Swan's cheery riposte to all those whose slavish chant is that "there has always been war". It returns to the sombre theme of today's show by adapting The Profession of Arms, another film by Gwynne Dyer about how professional soldiers think about themselves and their job, how they manage to overcome their natural resistance to killing people during combat but still retain some resistance to killing during peace time.
Music: Flanders & Swan
Thanks to Gwynne Dyer for such source material. Thanks to Alex "The Speakers" for notifying me about Nick Clegg.
Some of this episode's content is repeated in episode 735..
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