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#456#457#458#459 Episode #460 - The Age of Reunion
(Beyond Exploitation to an Economy of Solidarity)



Sun 26 April 2009  Charles Eisenstein (reading), Raoul Victor
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2On the program this week, we cover the global economic crises as the death throes of the unsustainable rule of money, and how to rebuild a culture in its ashes, based in mutual aid and respect for each other and the land. You can have TARP, or BARF or FART, but business as usual is so, so over. In our first hour we hear Charles Eisenstein's take on the 'economic crisis', then it's Raoul Victor from the 4th Oekonux conference, speaking on peer production.
I'll begin by reading you an article by Charles Eisenstein, author of the Ascent of Humanity. He puts the current economic crises at the cusp of a needed and longed for change in the basis of human society, what he calls the age of reunion, the return of the gift economy. He diagnoses the 'economic crisis' as a Marxian crisis of capital, which marks the end of the money system of accumulation an exponential growth. We'll conclude the program with another presentation from the 4th annual Oekonux conference, Free Software and Beyond The World of Peer Production held last month in Manchester, England. The conference brought together an international group of people from the free software movement that are exploring the application of peer to peer networks and free collaboration beyond software to society as a whole.
Thanks to Robin Upton for the Charles Eisenstein article, and Sheffield Indymedia for the Raoul Victor recording FROM THE Oekonux CONFERENCE.
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