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#6#7#8#9 Episode #10 - The Global Casino
(Teach-in on Global Capitalism)



Sat 13 May 2000  John Cavanagh, David Korten, Michelle Chan-Fischel, Yao Graham, Tony Clarke, Walden Bello
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we give over the whole show to a special 2 hour teach-in from the International Forum on Globalization, on how international finance works, and the role of Wall Street money managers and the US Treasury department in setting the agenda.
Our first hour starts with Globalisation Cellphone Drill Team, a short drama that highlights the global resistance to the program of globalization as set by the WTO and big finance. John Cavanagh then introduces the forum which outlines the historic role of the resistance movement against what he calls the "Global Financial Casino". Next, David Korten speaks on the debt crisis and about how he came to question the agenda of economic 'development'. He emphasises the need to redefine the agenda in the interests of people. Michelle Chan-Fischel then notes that we are now in a post-World Bank era, since private capital is now the dominant influence over North-South relations. The decentralisation and private interests of private capital is harder to challenge, she suggests. In our second hour, Yao Graham of Third World Network Africa highlights the inequity of global trade with the African continent. Tony Clarke than speaks on how the IMF and World Bank manipulate global finance for the benefit of the global financial elite, focusing on the Asian financial crisis. Walden Bello gives a historical perspective on the Asian financial crisis by describing the larger context in which casino capitalism operates.
Music: Food and Health and Hope by Seize the Day and Senior Service by Elvis Costello'
Thanks to United for a Fair Economy for the cellphone drama.
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