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#331#332#333#334 Episode #335 - Casting Shadows
(Coal, Industry, School and the State)



Mon 4 December 2006  Mel Leiman, John Taylor Gatto (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2The social philosopher John Dewey defined politics as the shadow cast by big business over society. It's more like a total eclipse. the creation, expansion management and protection of wealth is, as the they say 90 percent of the law. This week we hear from Mel Leiman and read from [John Taylor Gatto]]'s "Underground History of American Education".
This week we resume reading from John Taylor Gatto's "Underground History of American Education", beginning a new chapter that chronicles how economic elites deliberately deintellectualized America in order to create a tractable labor force for the industrial revolution that coal was to fuel. This is not speculation or imagination, you will hear evidence from the documentary record that the literate and independent population of mostly family farmers was considered a threat to a new social order that was being installed - one which would put the control the necessities of life in the hands of a relative few captains of industry and their legions of managers. The children of US were to be deliberately schooled to serve this new system devoted to industrial production. Last week, we heard about Prussia, the first and foremost example of the modern totalitarian garrison state, and how its population was managed and formed to the needs of the rulers of the state through its tripartite school system. We heard how this school system was deliberately recreated in America, through the efforts of certain reformers backed by industrialists.
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