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#414#415#416#417 Episode #418 - Evolved for Anarchy
(Cooperation and Solidarity Are in Our Genes)



Sat 8 March 2008  Richard Dawkins, Joan Roughgarden
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we hear from Joan Roughgarden and Richard Dawkins. Neither scientists is to my knowledge an anarchist, nor were they trying to make any point about anarchism specifically. But the import of what they discuss refutes the notion that without god and the state, humanity would descend into an orgy of violence and greed (seems we have that now).
In the first hour Oxford zoologist and famous public atheist Richard Dawkins reads from his book The God Delusion on being good without god, the evolutionary roots of our moral sense, remarkably consistent across cultures and ideologies and the role of altruism in evolutionary survival.

Dr. Joan Roughgarden, a top evolutionary ecologist from Stanford has called into question Darwin's Theory of Sexual Selection, his explanation of sex roles, because it does not explain the wide variation of sex and gender found in nature, which in no way resembles the Victorian family.

Science is in the process of accepting that the dominator society is in no way our destiny. Funnily enough, I have the impression that these two scientists have some sort of professional antagonism, but to me, they both seem headed in the same ultimate direction.
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