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#172#173#174#175 Episode #176 - Undisciplining Minds (2)
(The Roots and Ramifications of our Culture of Hierarchy and Control)



Sat 19 July 2003  David Garland, Jeff Schmidt (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2In a speech given by Noam Chomsky at the University of Illinois in September, he noted the extent to which absurd statements and transparent lies uttered by George Bush and other top officials went largely unchallenged by intellectuals, as well as the media. This highly educated class of people were somehow able to repeat, even to discuss these farcically bogus official claims without so much as a snicker. This week we continue our series into the mental conditioning that allows such mental gymnastics and which a society in which most people are frustrated and depressed - in spite of being repeatedly told that this is the best of all possible worlds.
We begin the program with a look at a vector of social control directed at those at the bottom of the social pyramid - the criminal justice system - and the mindset that has made the United States number one in jailing its citizens.

The subordination of one's intelligence and creativity to reflect the values and serve the needs of the small group at the top of the social pyramid is the hallmark of the professional in our society, according to Jeff Schmidt, whose amazing book, Disciplined Minds - A critical look at salaried professionals and the soul battering system that shapes their lives, we will be reading on the show.

In our second hour, we read the opening chapter of Disciplined Minds - Timid Professionals - which exposes the indoctrination that shapes the class of people who are the lynch pin of this society.
Thanks to Jeff Schmidt for his amazing book!
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