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#96#97#98#99 Episode #100 - The Long Theft
(Global Trade, Seattle '99 and the FTAA)



Sat 2 February 2002  FTAA speakers, Iain Boal
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2In our first hour, we hear a panel of seven speakers who will discuss the threat posed by the FTAA - and the damage its predecessor treaties have done to workers, family farmers, women and ecosystems of the nations in which they have been implemented. In our second hour, Iain Boal will discuss a new book, The Battle of Seattle, which chronicles the ideas, history and social movements against corporate globalization.
The proposed treaty misleadingly named the Free Trade area of the Americas, the FTAA, has little to do with trade and is part of an ongoing process to create of a social order where absolutely nothing is free: every necessity and pleasure of life, and all functions of society will be operated for the profit of a small group of multinational corporate investors. In a sort of Orwellian Newspeak, advocates of the process claim that it is the solution to poverty and inequality, and that it will increase prosperity for "everyone." The reality on all counts is just the opposite. So-called "free trade" is the culmination a process of enclosure of public space that one of our speakers on the program tonight, historian Iain Boal, has called "the long theft."
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