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#695#696#697#698 Episode #699 - A Country with A Military or A Military with A Country
(Scott Bennett and Sibel Edmonds on The Deep State's War Machine)



Sat 1 November 2014  Scott Bennett, Sibel Edmonds
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This show contrasts the perspectives of two whistleblowers on the inside the US War Machine. One, Scott Bennett, from whom we heard last time, blew the whistle in 2014 and offers fresh first hand testimony from the machine designed to serve up an unremitting diet of war and fear, and moving USA rapidly towards a full-on totalitarian police state. The other, Sibel Edmonds, who blew the whistle on false flag terror in the immediate wake of 9-11, shares her acute awareness of the operations of the deep state and explains why she has just published a fictionized account of her discoveries as a whistleblower.
Scott Bennett continues his testimony from episode 698. He tells how little interest was shown in his whistleblowing report either by US politicians or the commercially-controlled media. He describes how he was recruited into military psy-ops, and how new recruits are 'boiled slowly' with indoctrinating material. Bennett points out some facts of note such as the fact that the Carlyle Group not only owns the company in charge of issuing US security clearances, but other companies which apply for security clearances. The US Department Of Justice administering classes to prisoners in half way houses being released entitled "Deep Black:- The History Of The CIA and Mossad in Assassination And Drug Laundering Finance Operations". His claims are unsubstantiated by any documentation that I have seen, but his testimony is replete with interesting details. Some of it relates at least tangentially to Michael Hastings and Jesselyn Raddack, and moreover, it fits easily within the larger picture of the deep state which should be familiar to regular listeners - a clique of government insiders busy organizing perpetual war for their own psychopathic purposes.

We conclude the show with the last 40 minutes of a longer interview of Sibel Edmonds from October 2014. A more experienced whistleblower, she has a clearer overview of the process of false flag terrorism, and how the commercially-controlled media demonized Ossama Bin Laden, then had Bin Laden killed and changed the 'brand' to ISIS/ISIL, "Islamist" forces, when people didn't seem to be as afraid as before of the old brand. A long time host of the Boiling Frogs Post alternative media, she describes some of her exasperation at how the US population in general seem able to overlook persuasive evidence of government malfeasance. The interview was prompted by her new book, The Lone Gladio. She says the book is unusual in that it, by presenting an unvarnished picture of the activities of the intelligence agencies, it forces the readers to ask hard questions. Most such fictional portrayals, she says, give their heroes 'white hats', and so trivialize the (im)moral aspects of what they describe. Not so her novel, which was written as another way to educate people with the reality of what is being done behind the veil of national secrecy.
Music: Vultures Fly High by Rennaisance
Thanks to Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot for the Scott Bennett interview and to Cindy Sheehan for the Sibel Edmonds interview.
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