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#167#168#169#170 Episode #171 - Deadly Delicacies
(Food, and Health and the Ag Factory)



Sat 14 June 2003'  '
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we talk about the political, econimic, environmental and health issues surrounding food. Who benefits from the current system of food production. Not us.
As the fifth ministerial meetings of the World Trade Organization in Cancun, Mexico come to a close, media outlets around the world broadcast the news that little to nothing was accomplished, thanks to a belligerent coalition of developing nations known as the G23. Led by African nations who staged a walkout from the talks, Brazil, India and China and others in the 23 nation coalition essentially refused to negotiate, in protest of the $1 BILLION PER DAY that the wealthy nations of the North spend on farm subsidies, mainly to corporate agribusiness and factory farms, that the G23 nations say are making it impossible for farmers in the poor nations of the world to compete in the global market. The phrase compete in the global market obscures a deeper issue - the issue is about access to food, food safety and food sovereignty. Meanwhile, here at home, irradiated food may soon be served to millions of school children and adult onset diabetes is on the rise...
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