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#72#73#74#75 Episode #76 - Three-Flag Monte
(What is the War on Terrorism actually accomplishing?)



Sun 28 October 2001  Tod Ensign, Christian Parenti, Bell Hooks
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week, we look at how "the war on terror" is boosting the political fortunes of the Bush administration, being used to force through controversial energy and trade policies, excuse attacks on political dissent and democratic freedoms, increasing the US military presence in oil rich countries, and in spite of the calls for unity, fuelling racism within American society.
Three card monte is a con-game that presents itself as a game of chance. On street corners in every major city, confidence men make their living with three bent playing cards and an understanding of human behavior. The victim is asked to pick out of the three cards sliding around the table, the one red card, the dealer tells you he will double your money if you win. There is actually no red card for you to chose. After he showed you he had a red card, he replaced it with a black one. He palmed it. This is the dealer's primary skill. You don't notice because your attention is being distracted by his patter. You don't notice because you are already convinced that one of the three cards sliding around the table is red. Analysts that we have presented over the last several weeks on this program have explained why the so-called "War on Terror" is not only unlikely to eliminate terrorism, but rather to increase the pool of people worldwide who have suffered at the hands of the US government, thereby resulting in increased risk that these people will turn to terrorism to address their grievances. Are its stated objectives the real objectives? What is the war on terrorism actually accomplishing?
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