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#580#581#582#583 Episode #584 - Why Occupy
(Rebellion or Slavery?)



Sat 31 December 2011  Chris Hedges, Derrick Jensen, Aric McBay, various
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Our second episode on the Occupy movement includes two veterans of the show. Firstly, Chris Hedges presents an address entitled "Nonviolent Citizen Resistance to War and Globalization". Secondly we hear a range of voices addressing Occupy Oakland on the need for concerted resistance, including Derrick Jensen. We hear music by David Rovics and Mankana.
In our first hour, a lively talk from Chris Hedges speaking to students at Hotstra University, encouraging them to seize the moment, realize the gravity of the situation, 'f*** their studies' and go and visit occupy.

After a report by Russia Today into sympathy for the Occupy demonstrators inside the rank and file of US police, we conclude the first hour with 'We Are The Many' by Mankana.

In our second hour, we hear a set of speeches from Occupy Oakland, including Derrick Jensen who notes that Police forces in Syria and Egypt have risked death by refusing to follow orders, or even joining the protestors. What is stopping the US Police forces? The speeches include a rousing call to large scale civil disobedience: "We are going to have to bring this down, all of it. The oil, the coal, the clearcuts, the dams, all of it, the entire industrial economy."
Music: Mankana, David Rovics
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