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#195#196#197#198 Episode #199 - War, Class Interest, and American Law
(St. Patrick's Day Four and The Importance of History)



Sat 27 December 2003  Howard Zinn, Jeff Schmidt (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2The week, the felony trial of the St. Patrick's day four, pacifists of the Ithaca catholic worker community who poured blood at the military recruiting center in Lansing NY on March 17, 2003, as part of nationwide efforts by Americans to prevent the invasion of Iraq by the US government. We then hear Howard Zinn speaking about the importance of history, and his personal history. We conclude by finishing chapter 15 of Disciplined Minds.
As we reported last week, Tompkims County judge John Sherman barred the defense from bringing expert witnesses to testify on international law. One of the witnesses who was barred from testifying was historian Howard Zinn, but on this week's show you'll hear him on how a knowledge of history is essential if citizens want to get to the truth behind the patriotic rhetoric of presidents bent on war rulers to send their citizens to kill and die. We conclude by finishing chapter 15 of Jeff Schmidt's Disciplined Minds, in which he tells his own story in the chapter on Surviving Professional Training with Your Values Intact.
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