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#231#232#233#234 Episode #235 - Hacking The Matrix
(The Power of Nightmares #1)



Sun 2 January 2005  Adam Curtis, Evan Davis, Bob Fitrakis, Steven Starr, Chris Burnet
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2We begin the new year by hacking away at this matrix from a variety of angles. This week, the first of a three part documentary The Power of Nightmares about how creating fear has become the currency of political power. Then a look at developments in the investigation of election fraud in last November, and legal challenges to Bush's purported victory.
A few years ago a popular science fiction film called The Matrix portrayed a a future society run by machines who keep humans in a state of suspended animation plugged in to a matrix, a vast computer network that causes a comatose humanity to experience a collective illusion that they are living out normal lives when in fact they have been reduced to the role of batteries whose life force is taken to power the machine society. Because of occasional glitches in the collective illusion program, some humans are able to see through the illusion and thus break free. This film has become a meaningful metaphor to many people for our current society, the most heavily propagandized in history, where government, corporations and their media outlets present us with an Orwellian deluge of lies and irrelevancies, focussing attention away from the question of how the American state actually operates and for whose benefit.
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