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#85#86#87#88 Episode #89 - Deadly Game: Your Life, Their Profits
(WEF and Smithy on Sweatshops)



Mon 28 January 2002  George Draffan, Smithy, WTO'd workers in Maine, Bengali sweatshop workers
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2The low down on the World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum, according to its website, is a member-based institution comprised of the heads of the 1,000 most powerful corporations in the world. Essentially, its goal is to homogenize economic and governmental systems worldwide in a manner that benefits corporations and their investors - the process known as globalization. The WEF claims it is working to benefit humanity by creating prosperity through this system.

The reality is that most of humanity has suffered greatly as a result of the WEF's agenda, while a small group of investors, corporate leaders and their political allies have accrued enormous wealth. They have done this through the smoke and mirrors process known as free trade, which is neither free nor trade. It's a process of moving production to subsidiaries or contractors located in a country where the workers are paid slave wages and kept from rebelling by a government that gets a cut of the action. These products are them shipped back to the US and called "trade." Meanwhile, these corporations leave in their wake destroyed lives and poisoned land as they hop from country to country for their next quick buck.

This coming week, the World Economic Forum will meet at the swanky Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City to gorge themselves on delicious food and fine wines, pat themselves on the back and plan how to do more of the same.

Our so-called democratically elected leaders, far from putting a stop to this corporate rampage will be there, on bended knee, offering them more US taxpayer dollars robbed from hard-working people, offering them US troops to keep their victims suppressed all over the world, offering them the protection of the New York City police which stands ready to beat the living daylights of the protesters that are converging on New York City to confront them. If this description of events seems exaggerated, its only because you haven't heard stories like the one you're about to hear next on your evening news...
Thanks to Wizards of Money
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