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#361#362#363#364 Episode #365 - Release From Tutelage
(Pushing Back Against the Corporate State)


But who wields the constitution against whom?

Sun 1 July 2007  Richard Grossman, John Taylor Gatto (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2As we mark the annual celebration celebration of the first American revolution, a growing number of people have concluded that a second American revolution is long overdue. The 1776 uprising overthrew rule by an aristocracy of blood, and replaced it with an aristocracy of blood money, that has delivered life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on an inverted sliding scale ever since, by design. It is a design that was meant to frustrate popular rule, to allow a few to divide and conquer the many. Its myths of self reliance and prosperity were based on free land stolen from its original inhabitants. Its wealth was built from the labors of the enslaved and exploited. Freedom is possible only when one has the power to escape control, a process that begins in the mind. If not for this mental bondage that creates isolation, passivity, fear and competition for favor, the few could not rule the many.
In our first hour, Richard Grossman speaks on the rise and rise of corporate power in US legal history. He explains why he believes that USA is a corporate state. Reviewing a legal history including over 1000 laws passed by communities declared unconstitutional because they limited the rights of corporations, he concludes that the key question is "Who wields the constitution against whom?" He suggests a return to the original documents, escaping centuries of interpretations which have gradually shifted the meanings to corporate friendly interpretations. In our second hour, we read from John Taylor Gatto's The Underground History of American Education about how children were dumbed down by the plans of the rich class of industrialists, and how ordinary American acquiescence allowed this to happen.
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