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#171#172#173#174 Episode #175 - Undisciplining Minds (1)
(The Roots and Ramifications of our Culture of Hierarchy and Control)



Sat 12 July 2003  Marvin Bram, William Greider
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2From November 19th through the 21st, opponents of corporate globalization will converge in Miami to confront a ministerial on the Free Trade Area of the Americas, the FTAA, that would extend NAFTA to the entire hemisphere. "Another world is possible" is a motto used by many of the people opposing these various treaties,. that in effect are creating a new world government openly based on the priorities of corporate investment. But the phrase "another world is possible" does not refer only to government or economic policies, nor only to political and economic systems. It also encompasses the values that underlie those systems. But what causes us as a society to form and hold the values we have, that make the current world possible? What habits of mind determine that we will even for example, draw a distinction between economics and politics? Our mental structures that underlie our values and institutions must be addressed if we want to to make possible another society which is truly egalitarian, creative and democratic. This will be the subject of the first hour of the program and will start off our series on the roots and ramifications of our culture of hierarchy and control. In our second hour we hear about opening paths to a moral economy...

Some of this episode's content is repeated in episode 538, 540 and 715.
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