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#436#437#438#439 Episode #440 - Living As If the Truth Were True
(Jeremy Scahill on Politics and the Media, Power and Powerlessness #16)



Sun 7 December 2008  Jeremy Scahill, Susan Rosenthal (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week, Jeremy Scahill unmasks the fiction of journalistic objectivity, and another reading from Power & Powerlessness.
The fiction of journalistic objectivity is neatly dismissed by the following quote which begins Chapter 13, "Decide Which Side You're On" of Susan Rosenthal's Power and Powerlessness:
Quotes-66.gifI don’t believe it’s possible to be neutral. The world is already moving in certain directions. Wars are going on. Children are starving. And to be neutral, to not take a stand in a situation like that is to collaborate with whatever is going on, to allow it to happen.Quotes-99.gif

Howard Zinn

Journalist and author Jeremy Scahill is clear about what his role as a journalist is - to interrogate power and lay bare the truth, and he is concerned that the alternative media which took such a strong stand during the Bush years exposing the lies and crimes is at risk of becoming what he calls a blue state Fox during the Obama years. He spoke of this and more on 2008-12-02 at the Park Center for Independent Media in Ithaca, New York, and we're going to hear his talk and audience discussion in the show this week. We conclude with the next instalment of Power and Powerlessness.
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