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#478#479#480#481 Episode #482 - Delivery from Bondage and the Voices of Reunion
(Ascent of Humanity #22)



Mon 28 September 2009  Charles Eisenstein (reading), Tereza Coraggio, Alex Smith, Jan Lundburg
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we begin the final chapter, and penultimate reading from Charles Eisenstein's 2006 book Ascent of Humanity. Accompanying the reading will be several other voices that resonate with ideas brought out in the reading. The stages of birth a key metaphor that Eisenstein will employ in discussing the change of thinking and thence society from the ideology of domination and control to the age of reunion, and of those in society attempting to forestall the process of birth by crawling back into the womb.

Thanks to Casey Neill, Third Paradigm and Radio Ecoshock
Quotes-66.gifWe humans, and even the planet herself, are undergoing a birthing—to what state we can only speculate. We have passed through the long gestation of the hunter-gatherer, we have grown up against the limits of our environment until we could grow no more, and now the labor is beginning that will likely stretch our capacities to the limit. Some environmentalists, especially those with the most comprehensive knowledge, despair that it is already too late to save our planet—irreversible processes already in motion assure our destruction. But perhaps these conditions are what it will take to turn the long-gathering capabilities of science and technology to their true purpose: the restoration and furtherance of nature's patterns, and the creation of new forms of beauty. Perhaps the impending catastrophe will demand that every facet of our civilization's scientific and technological achievement be turned toward the planet's healing, galvanizing humankind and drawing us together in a way similar to but far, far more powerful than the space race of the 1960s and the last century's wars against cancer, poverty, drugs, and each other ever have. Perhaps nothing less than an all-out struggle will secure the survival of our species; perhaps only in such a struggle can we rise to our potential and our purpose. In healing the ruination of nature, goodness, beauty, and life, we will transcend who we were and be born into something else.Quotes-99.gif

Charles Eisenstein, Ascent of Humanity

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