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#706#707#708#709 Episode #710 - Facing The Failing Culture Of Control - 3
(The Simplicity of The Singapore Model)



Sat 4 April 2015  Naomi Wolf, Andrew Gavin Marshall, Kevin Annett (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2We have another program in our series on the failing culture of control. Last time we looked at the development of nuclear technology as a result of competition between nation states, this time we look instead at the 21st century's development of social technology to divide and conquer the world's population. Faced with the organized efforts to misdirect people's natural altruistic impulses by terrorizing them and implanting enemy images, three speakers voice iconoclastic and unwavering dissent.
The show starts with a March 2015 interview with Naomi Wolf, whose '10 steps to fascism' analysis looks even more pertinent than ever. Just as last week, the phrase "Deep State" doesn't come up in this week's show, but the speakers' analyses are more or less congruent with the concept. Wolf's analysis is that the descent to fascism is a coordinated transition orchestrated by "global corporate interests" who see real democracy as an unnecessary inconvenience. Their aim, she opines is a global convergence on the "Singapore Model" - one in which pure self interest in unburdened by other ideology, and people understand and accept that they have no civil rights at all.

Most of this episode is given over to a December 2011 interview with Andrew Gavin Marshall who looks at the suite of institutional control mechanisms being rolled out across the globe. He discusses the central role of the Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford Foundations in the construction of knowledge and the transformation of America's position on the world stage from "isolationism" to "globalism", and the concerted and strategic effort by these institutions in seeking to engineer and manage the social sciences to fit within the framework of an emerging American Empire.

We conclude with a reading of "Reset This!", a diatribe by Kevin Annett. Noting with regret that many people seem incapable of envisioning a better world, he subtitles his piece "Why has the Second Coming boiled down to a check in the mail?". He urges us to spurn "the chance to buy more stuff" and aim instead for a fundamental rethink of how society is organized, concluding "Reset nothing. Recreate everything."
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Thanks to the Global Research news hour for the Naomi Wolf interview, and to the Boiling Frogs post for the Andrew Gavin Marshall interview.
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