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#405#406#407#408 Episode #409 - Food and Hell and Hope
(The World According to Monsanto)



Sun 4 May 2008  Marie-Monique Robin, Leonard Doyle (reading), Stephen Lendman (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Monsanto claim that they are committed to ending world hunger. They have recently launched a media blitz to that effect surrounding 'golden rice', a genetically modified rice that contains vitamin A. But why do their target consumers have nothing else to eat but rice? This week we see an alternative angle on the Monsanto corporation, which asks questions that will never be asked on American Corporate media, and tells stories that will never be told.
This week we begin with a radio adaptation of The World According to Monsanto:a documentary that Americans won't ever see by Marie-Monique Robin. It reviews the history of Monsanto, originally a chemical company, founded in 1901. They have created chemicals such as Agent Orange, PCBs, Aspartame, BGH, and been engaged in numerous fatal health scandals. Europe and other countries have banned several chemicals which are deemed safe by US FDA. We look at the revolving door relationship with those supposed to regulate them. For the last 18 minutes of the show, we hear a quote from Vandana Shiva and read from Globalisation, American Songbirds wiped out by Banned Pesticides, from 2008-04-06 Global Research. We conclude with a reading of Stephen Lendman's review of William Engdahl's Seeds of Destruction.
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