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#303#304#305#306 Episode #307 - When Lawmaking Becomes Rebellion
(Water Privatization, Democracy School and the Corporate State)



Sun 21 May 2006  Richard Grossman, Thomas Linzey, Maude Barlow
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Rural America is known for sending its children to the military to fight for a vision of America, one that doesn't quite exist. They believe their government when it tells them they must fight communists in tiny country X or terrorists in impoverished country Z. Ironically, these soldiers from rural America have more in common with the insurrectionary third world villagers they're fighting than they realize - both live in places that are being beaten down for the sake of a corporate bottom line somewhere. Our "defenders of American democracy" find out just how little democracy they have when they try to stop a corporation from ruining their home town . A new populist alliance of long time environmental activists and rural folk in central Pennsylvania has grown out of a struggle to ban toxic agribusiness operations that have targeted the area as the next profit opportunity. This movement is taking a new approach that is spreading across America via a project of public education and organization called democracy schools, that are teaching direct action lawmaking to challenge corporate supremacy and to create rights under law for people and the land.

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