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#501#502#503#504 Episode #505 - The Matrix Deconstructed
(Why Strict Fathers teach "Economic Literacy")


Preventing Economic Disaster by Bailing out the F.I.R.E. Sector

This is a choice episode Sat 26 June 2010  Lyn Gerry, Richard Moore, Michael Hudson, George Lakoff
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2George Lakoff's Strict Father, "economic literacy" as indoctrination and other deconstruction of the matrix of illusion surrounding money and economics that disorientates citizens and keeps them working hard for their corporate masters.
The first part is a speech by cognitive linguist, George Lakoff, entitled "Moral Politics". He explains the nature of metaphor and presents two contrasting approaches to parenthood, the "Strict Father" and the "Nurturing Parent" models, linking these to Republican v. Democratic politics in US. I present some information I've uncovered about "economic literacy", and how it business leaders used it to promote the set of ideas that Lakoff refers to as the "Strict Father" model. The second hour revisits Lyn Gerry's reading of Richard Moore's "Escaping The Matrix" essay from episode 87, deconstructing the economic and political agenda of the 1980's in US/UK and beyond. We conclude with another lively deconstruction, by economist Michael Hudson, likening the FIRE (Finance, Insurance & Real Estate) sector to a parasite that lives on the back of the productive economy. Most obviously, it sucks money from it, less remarked upon, it numbs the brain of the body politic, through control of mass media, to present itself as essential to the health of its host the real economy.
Thanks to Bonnie Faulker for Guns and Butter.
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