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#418#419#420#421 Episode #422 - Revisiting Roads Not Taken
(Banking, the State and a 21st Century Jeffersonianism)



Sun 3 August 2008  Ellen Brown, Per Fagereng, Howard Zinn??, Paul Fitzsimmons (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2As the American economic edifice implodes, conversations on what is to be done are taking place below the mainstream political radar. Some are looking back to Populism and Jeffersonian ideas from Americas past as guidance for a way forward, synthesizing ideas from the left and right that resonate with the 21st century situation. This week we look at such alternative ideas which are conspicuously absent from discussion in commercially controlled media.
In the first hour an interview with Ellen Brown about the imploding of the money system. She starts her talk by explaining the debt which backs fiat currency, and the nature of the Ponzi scheme nature of global finance. She explains the hidden role of money in world history, such as the financial motivation of the US war or independence. Our first hour closes with a talk from the University of Massachusetts in the 1980s. The speaker is supposedly Howard Zinn, though it doesn't sound much like him. He talks in the first hour about the US civil war and contrasts the Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian models. This talk continues for 45 minutes into our second hour. He speaks about the US pietist tradition, focussing on Horace Mann and the history of US forced schooling. We conclude with a reading of A Proclamation to The American People, a denunciation of the political status quo, by Paul Fitzsimmons, which was published as a paid advertisement in the Watkins Glen express.
Thanks to KBOO radio for the Ellen Brown interview, Jylle Benson-Gauss
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