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#473#474#475#476 Episode #477 - Fraud and Restoration
(Views of The Economic 'Crises' and Ascent of Humanity #17)



Mon 24 August 2009  William Black, Charles Eisenstein (reading), Eric Brooks (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we begin with a response to the Eisenstein readings from Eric Brooks on how elites use "overpopulation" as a cover for their own interests. Next we hear a lively and comprehensible (though inside the box) talk on economic fraud from erstwhile financial regulator, William Black. Finally, another subsection from Ascent of Humanity.
We begin this week with some shocking testimony from erstwhile financial regulator, William Black. We conclude with another subsection from Ascent of Humanity, The Currency of Cooperation.
Quotes-66.gifThe restorative economy is not a matter of passing some new legislation, implementing some reforms, or seeing through the errors of conventional economics. It is nothing less than a facet of an all-encompassing spiritual transformation in our fundamental relationship to the world. Martin Prechtel explains that in Mayan culture, it was necessary to pay back to nature the debt incurred in the creation of any material object, and indeed in the living of a human The greater the disruption of nature, the more ritual effort required to pay back the debt to the other world. Thus an iron knife would demand lengthy and elaborate rituals in consideration of the cost to nature of its forging: the digging of the ore, the burning of fuel, and so forth, so much so that no one would make a knife without very good reason. Such things as air conditioners would, in this world-view, demand so much ritual recompense as to be prohibitively "expensive". A limit to consumptive technology was thus built into the Mayan culture. And what would happen if you mass-produced knives, as we do, without paying the price in ritual? The knives would exact payment in their own way, either through direct physical violence or through the reduction of human life, hope, vitality, creativity, joy, and beauty. Can we say that this has not already come to pass?Quotes-99.gif

Charles Eisenstein, Ascent of Humanity

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