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#86#87#88#89 Episode #90 - Through a Glass Darkly
(America through the Lens of Race)



Thu 31 January 2002  Various (reading), Kenneth I. Clarke, Jackie Melton Scott, Robert Bullard
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Following the Sep 11th attacks, commentators remarked that Americans were experiencing for the first time what it was like to be targeted for who you are. African American scholar and theologian Cornell West made the rejoinder that this was a new experience perhaps for white Americans but not for black Americans. Most white people, even those who pride themselves on their lack of prejudice, are unaware how different their life experience is from that of black people, though we supposedly live in the same society, and that this difference is rooted in a history that has shaped the present in deep ways. This week, in commemoration of Black history month, some perspectives on the American experience through the lens of race.
We start our first hour we reading an report in the associated press last year by various authors, after 18 months of research. Torn from the Land - A/P documents land taken from black through trickery, violence and murder documents manifold cases in the twentieth Century how white Americans stole land from black Americans. We continue with a speech from Rev. Kenneth I. Clarke speaking on Martin Luther King's birthday about how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr speaks to us, in wartime. In our second hour, Jackie Melton Scott speaks about the need for vigilance on the matter of racism. The show closes with a half hour talk from Robert Bullard speaking on Environmental Justice for All, Keeping King's Legacy Alive about the discrimination hidden in decision such as where to site toxic waste dumps.
Some of this episode's content is repeated in episode episode 629.
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