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WHAT? The Unwelcome Guests Collective is a group of broadcasters who produce a fortnightly, FCC-ready public domain 2 hour talk radio show on a range of topics. We aim to provoke and stimulate the listener, showing that a radically different world is not only possible, but is in fact the only feasible choice.

WHEN? The first episode of Unwelcome Guests was broadcast on 10th March 2000. New episodes are produced every Saturday.

WHO? The collective was started by Lyn Gerry and some friends from the A-Infos project in early 2000. Various radio stations, both commercial and non-commercial broadcast the show. Lyn Gerry was the main host until 2010, when Robin Upton took over.

HOW? We combine material from a range of public domain sources using audio editing software to produce 2 hour long files per fortnight, which are posted to this website,, and to

WHY? Commercial media is either unable or unwilling to expose the pernicious effects of money, governments, corporations and power hierarchy. As an entirely volunteer-based effort, working for love, not money, we have the independence to speak the truth as we see it.

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