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#689#690#691#692 Episode #693 - Social Destabilization Tactics Post WW2
(From Operation Phoenix to the War On Terror)



Sat 9 August 2014  Douglas Valentine, Sibel Edmonds
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2A new speaker on the show, Douglas Valentine, outlines the CIA's development of "Operation Phoenix", which helps explain how the Police State in the USA today has been so rapidly rolled out after 9-11; social destabilization techniques which the CIA tried out in Vietnam and developed in Latin America in the 1970s are being applied in Mexico and increasingly in USA itself. In our second hour, we continue with more from FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds on Gladio Operation B in Turkey, and NATO's links with high level drug trafficking.
We begin with a new speaker to the show, Douglas Valentine, author of The Phoenix Program, a book on the CIA's deliberate terrorization of civilians as a political strategy. He explains that the CIA had pretty much a free hand to operate the "Pheonix program", developing methods of terrorizing civilian populations in Vietnam, and that these strategies were later rolled out across South America in the 1970s. Unsurprisingly, he suggests, a bunch of the same people were either personally involved, or trained the perpetrators. He names in particular Ted Shackley, who was made head of the CIA's western hemisphere division in 1973 and stacked the higher echelons of the CIA with those who had run the Phoenix program, and had them "direct their attention" to all of Latin America. The result was a series of brutal coups and repressions throughout the region.

Both Valentine and his interviewer, Guillermo Jimenez, are well aware of the disturbing parallels with the roll out of the police state in USA, and Valentine explains that the this is by no means accidental, with the CIA systematically applying the same techniques to corrupt the other organs of US government, with a corrupt US Department of Justice ready to assist in covering up the corruption process. Valentine names the initiators of this program as "the CIA" rather than the "Deep State", but his analysis is pretty congruent with the picture of a ruling cabal developed by Mark Gorton in episode 685.

In our second hour, we return to the interview with Sibel Edmonds, who continues by narrating a major incident in Northern Iraq referred to by the Turkish media as the "hood event": following a (still undisclosed) tipoff, some Turkish terrorists were, quite literally, bagged by some unsuspecting US forces. They appear to have been Turkish military generals engaged in an operation organized by Turkish Operation Gladio operatives against the Kurds, and the hurried intervention from high levels of the US power structure suggests that they were engaged in a false flag terror operation under Gladio/B.

Next Edmonds expands on the brief summary she gave last episode of the so-called "Ergenikon" trials. She describes a sweeping away of the established Operation Gladio forces to make way for a new set of deep political players, those on board with the Gladio B mission of false flag terror attributed to Muslim extremists. Many of the old military top brass, seeing which way the wind was blowing, gained asylum in Russia, where they traded valuable intelligence and set up a center of dissident thought, producing Turkish language alternatives to the Turkish government's official narrative.

Alleging NATO support for high level drug dealing, Edmonds recounts a meeting with the family of Kurd Hüseyin Baybaşin (now serving life in prison for drug trafficking), once described as "Europe's Pablo Escobar", who suggested that her case might intersect his, and that they should discuss mutually beneficial disclosures of evidence.
Thanks to Demanufacturing Consent for the interview of Douglas Valentine, and to James Corbett for the Sibel Edmonds interview.
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