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#178#179#180#181 Episode #182 - Enforcing the Hierarchy By Every Means Available
(Media, Militarism and the Myth of Opportunity)



Sat 30 August 2003  Randy Baker, Beth Sanders, Michael Parenti, Jeff Schmidt (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2There is struggle taking place everywhere on this planet to maintain a social hierarchy that gives some everything they desire by robbing from others the chance to live dignified and fulfilling lives, or even to live at all. This battle has many fronts and its outcome touches all our lives. Yet it is taboo to examine its workings, and illegitimate to question its rightness.
We start the show with some reflections on how the media is used to suppress activism by keeping people distracted and uninformed about what is really going on. The first half hour of the show is an interview is by Mike McCormick, who interviews Randy Baker and Beth Sanders, who made Fear and Favor in the Newsroom about censorship in US media. Next we list to an hour long speech by Michael Parenti on the history of US Foreign Policy, and how this fact is disguised from the US public by corporate controlled media. For the last 30 minutes of the show, we start reading chapter 7 of Disciplined Minds, entitled Opportunity.
Thanks to Mike McCormick for the interview, thanks to the LA Sound Posse for the Michael Parenti recording.
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