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#481#482#483#484 Episode #485 - The Crazy Cousins and all their relations
(Ascent of Humanity #24)



Tue 13 October 2009  Max Keiser, David Suzuki, Charles Eisenstein (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2After contributions from Max Keiser and David Suzuki, this week we finally conclude Charles Eisenstein's magnum opus, Ascent of Humanity.
Quotes-66.gifIn the reduction of reality to number and name, in the program of owning and controlling the world, we have wrought a Tower of Babel, seeking with our finite tools to take the infinite by storm. To do this we have so specialized and separated, and so reduced and exhausted the world, that the coherency of the vast megamachine that makes possible our ascent to the heavens is threatened. Our tools of control are insufficient to manage the chaos we have unleashed. Our ascent, even the illusion of our ascent, slows to a standstill as the effort merely to hold everything together grows to consume all resources. Now, as the Tower totters under its own weight, now as each attempt to shore up its crumbling sections adds to the instability of the whole edifice, perhaps we can see more clearly, from amid the ruins of our civilization, what the collective purpose that we have yearned for might be...

Ultimately, it is the path of self-love that will necessarily bring us back into love with the world. This path is not without its pain; indeed, it encompasses all the pain that there is. But on the other side of the pain and sadness is understanding, wholeness, and therefore freedom. By integrating the sad truth of what we have made of life and the world, the sad truth of our millennia-long reduction of reality into label and number, money and property, we regain a vision of what we can be, should be, and actually are; we reclaim our birthright as whole, creative beings, in love with life and life in love with us.

The infinity we seek is here already, and it always has been. The collapse of the Tower — the world under control, the quest for certainty in science — is laying bare the fraud that has enslaved us for ten thousand years. Yet we must remember that this fraud too has its purpose. We must remember the playful origins of {{|separation}}, this exploratory game we have lost ourselves in and from which we are now awakening. Our quest, our journey to the farthest reaches of separation, is now nearly complete. However hard the birthing pains, a light beckons us, a Reunion with that place of enchantment, understanding, and wholeness. Let that light sustain us through the coming darkness. Quotes-99.gif

Charles Eisenstein, Ascent of Humanity

thanks to Phil Englind
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