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Have you got an idea for an inspiring episode? If so, we'd love to hear from you. If you only have an idea, no content, then post it on the Show Ideas page, and someone else can find some content and make an episode plan to go with it. If you already have some content, this page will tell you how to make an episode plan and post it in the studio, so others can improve on it and add content.

Making an Episode Plan

The easiest way to make an episode plan is to view one of the other episode plans in the studio (click on edit), and copy the source text. Theses are created using a bit of mediawiki magic, but copying an existing template is fairly self-explanatory. You just update the text fields, "|summary=...", "|description=..." etc. and mediawiki should do the rest for you.

title & subtitle

The "|title=" and "|subtitle=" and should be a few words that explain what the show will be about, and hint at its distinctive angle. Do use both. It is not easy to think of good titles, so don't fret if you can't come up with something short but sweet. This can be changed later.


The "|summary=" section should be a single paragraph (5 or less lines) to introduce the topic, since it appears at the top of the episode plan, just below title and subtitle.


When finished, this should explain what is on the show, and in which order. Since you're just making a plan, this may have some gaps, and can include open questions etc. that other reviewers can improve upon.


and "|contributors=" for voices which should definitely be heard. Put peoples names inside double square brackets to link to that controbitors' page, even if it doesn't exist - someone will eventually make that page. Use "|possiblecontributors=" for people whose contributions you are unsure about.


Use "|content=" for content you feel should definitely be in the episode, and "|possiblecontent=" for voices which you'd like to suggest but are less sure about.


This is available to say thanks to other people who made the show possible, such as the interviewer or source of material/inspiration.

Posting the Episode Plan

To post the episode plan, choose a title for it (see below) and type the name of it into your browser, e.g. - My New Episode Plan. This will result in your being told that there is no such page, and asking would you like to create one. Click on this link, paste your plan into the text box provided and hit submit to post it. You should see the page appear - if you see some junk and curly brackets, likely the episode template lost its magic smoke (e.g. the brackets don't balance properly).

Choosing A Page Title

To keep the studio tidy, please choose a title of the form "A123 - Your Title Here", where 123 is in sequential order after the other episodes in the studio, and the text following it is the proposed title of the episode, which should match what you put in the "|title=" section of the episode plan.

Episode Image

If you didn't change "|image=", it'll appear with the image of the episode you copied it off. Each episode plan deserves its own image. If you changed the |image= field to a unique name, you should see a small red piece of text instead of an image. Click on this and follow instructions to upload an image. Of course, you'll need to find one first. It is worth spending time to find a good picture, as it will help people get your vibe. Try Google Image Search if you haven't got a suitable image handy.

If You Get Stuck

Don't stress. Get in touch and someone will gladly help you out.