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Internet Searching

A good strategy is to use the list of topics to find a speaker who has something to say on the show for which your trying to locate content. Then typing the speaker's name in double quotes into a search engine, perhaps with suitable extra words such as "mp3" or "audio".

Regular Sources

See our list of regular sources.

Downloading Audio/Video

The simplest sites will have a link marked 'download'. if the have a link marked 'play' then try right-clicking, and choosing 'save as...'. Some popular video-playing sites, such as YouTube, have a play button, but no link. In this case, check out add-ins (especially for Firefox) to facilitate the downloading of videos.


  • Use wget to save streaming videos, if you can find out the URL of the stream (use Firebug for this)

Converting Video to Audio

Does your video playing software have a 'File/Save as...' or 'File/Export' option that allows you to strip the audio content from a video?


  • RealPlayer Free Version has a 'Tools/RealPlayer Converter' option.


  • Use ffmpeg to convert video to audio