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This page is a melting pot of loosely show ideas which are not yet formed into episode plans. For forthcoming episodes, see the Release Schedule. For other planned episodes, see the studio

Nazi Origins of the EU & German Imperialism

This show focuses too much like the global media on Anglo-American imperialism, ignoring the imperialism of the EU, especially Germany which never de-nazified. Some sources:

This is not in audio format, but I would be willing to read it if it would be turned into an episode eventually. A translated economic conference from the height of Nazi German conquest in 1942 that shows the EU was a long-standing German plan to bureaucratically restructure Europe to their advantage:

Would also be willing to read out this, the Red House Report:

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Reconceiving Money

Alternative Ideas of Money

BIG Money

References in Literature

A less academicky flavour show than usual. Assemble a collection of references/metaphors in popular culture to describe what is going on.

  • Would be nice to have some academicky content to give food for thought
  • Douglas Adams, HHGG - The party that had no end (link to dumbing down, celebrity culture, peak oil)
  •  ?...