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Unwelcome Guests Template:Episode page:

This template manages the layout of an episode.
This refers to Template:EpisodeHeader and Template:EpisodeFooter.

The main thing to be careful of when editing show source files is not to mess up the curly brackets '{' and '}'.

The different sections of the template begin with a '|' character. i.e.
|number=For episodes, which episode number (will be blank for plans)
|date=When this episode was released (or when the plan was posted)
|title=Short, catchy description
|subtitle=Expansion on/explanation of the description
|image=A unique name of the image for this episode
|summary=About 5 lines of text to give an overview of this episode
|description=More text to tell in detail what this episode contains, which points it makes, etc.
|credits=A line of thanks to anyone other than the contributors who have helped make this episode possible
|content= A list of content items, as {{mp3}}, {{mp4}}, {{pdf}} or {{ppt}} templates
|contributors= A list of names of speakers on this show, as internal links
|c1= Contributor#1
|d1= Details of contributor#1
|c2= Contributor#2
|d2= Details of contributor#2 ...

The less common sections are:
|choice=Set =1 if this episode features in Editor's Choice
|image_caption=Possible text to appear under the image
|music=A list of names, as internal links (this will be blank if the episode has no music content)
|similar=Links to other related shows
|note=Anything else (usually this will be blank)
|dedication=Optional dedication (usually this will be blank)
|topnote=Optional special note - displayed at the top (usually this will be blank)
|rebroadcast=A number of an earlier episode if it contains a significant part of it (usually this will be blank)
|prebroadcast=A number of an later episode that repeats a significant part of it (usually this will be blank)
|stub=Set = 1 to indicate that this is a page stub.

Episode plans will have the following extra sections:
|possible_content= A list of suggested content items
|possible_contributors= A list of names of suggested speakers on this episode, as internal links
|possible_music= A list of names of suggested music contributors, as internal links